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Delegate Sally Hudson has proffered an amendment HB 2123, that would remove the $3000 gross sales annual revenue cap for sales of homemade pickles and other acidified vegetables. The Agriculture subcommittee will meet THIS WEDNESDAY January 18th, at 4pm in House Room 2 at the Capitol to take up this legislation. House members considering this proposal are:

(Name District, Room#, Party, Capitol Phone#, Email)

    • Webert, Michael J. (Chair) 18th E418 R (804) 698-1018
    • Wright, Thomas C., Jr. 61st E411 R (804) 698-1061
    • Orrock, Robert D., Sr. 54th E309 R (804) 698-1054
    • Wilt, Tony O. 26th E301 R (804) 698-1026
    • Fariss, C. Matthew 59th E214 R (804) 698-1059
    • Runion, Chris 25th E416 R (804) 698-1025
    • Gooditis, Gwendolyn W. (Wendy) 10th E316 D (804) 698-1010
    • Helmer, Daniel I. 40th E426 D (804) 698-1040
    • Simonds, Shelly A. 94th E217 D (804) 698-1094
    • Willett, Rodney T. 73rd E420 D (804) 698-1073
    • Ware, R. Lee (Ex-Officio) 65th E308 R (804) 698-1065

We at VICFA fully support the passage of this bill to remove the $3000 cap on certain homemade pickle sales.

Please reach out by ☎️ CALLING each of the delegates above at their office numbers and telling them you support this positive change. Follow up with an 📬 EMAIL to each stating in your own words why you support this restoration of a private individual’s right to sell as many preserved pickles as they prefer! Finally, if you have time, 🤝VISIT with your own delegate and encourage them to do all they can to move this legislation forward and get it passed into law. Time is of the essence! They will decide in this committee whether this gets forwarded for more consideration or rejected.

Make your voice heard!

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