Virginia Independent Consumers and Farmers Association

Promoting and preserving unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown or home-produced food products.

Your Food – Your Family – Your Choice!

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We are the organization in Virginia that works to increase food freedom so you have more food choices.

What We Do


Monitor legislation

VICFA monitors proposed legislation each December/January, looking for bills that would enhance or limit food freedom in some way.

Seek bill sponsors

VICFA seeks out sponsors for bills that would increase the range of food products available without inspection in Virginia.

Organize support

VICFA organizes statewide citizen support or opposition as appropriate.



Citizens Lobby Day

VICFA organizes a Citizens Lobby Day when food freedom supporters visit the offices of state Delegates and Senators at the General Assembly.

Outreach events

VICFA organizes outreach events which educate citizens on food freedom issues and raise funds for VICFA.

Speaking engagements

VICFA offers speakers for small or large groups of people interested in learning more about food freedom issues in Virginia.


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Stay informed on what’s happening with farm and food freedom in Virginia, and legislation that affects the availablity of your food choices.