As VICFA’s membership grows, the stronger our voice can be in the Virginia General Assembly when we are urging legislators to support or oppose bills that would increase or decrease food freedom in Virginia.

Becoming a member of VICFA and using your voice to vote, helps increase entrepreneurial opportunities for people to establish small home based food businesses, and share the products of their talents with their neighbors.

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VICFA Communications

VICFA Board of Directors monitor proposed state legislation each year for bills that would increasingly restrict our access to the foods of our choice, or that would increase food options. Members are the first to hear what we discover through our VICFA Communications emails.

Voting privileges

You have the opportunity to annually vote for officers, and also possibly become a member of the Board of Directors, should you want to be more involved in policy decisions, fundraising projects, membership drives etc!


VICFA has an active Facebook page, especially during the legislative session, where you can join in the conversation and follow what is happening in Richmond.


As a member you will receive the “VICFA VOICE” newsletter via email with informative articles, and have access to minutes of VICFA meetings.

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