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Legislative Activities

VICFA’s work with the Virginia General Assembly helps to support food freedom and small farmers.
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Capitol building

VICFA monitors proposed legislation in the Virginia General Assembly every year, on the lookout for bills that would take away more of our food freedom, limit food choices and impede small farmers from supplying their communities with sustainably grown nutritious foods.

Some years we have our own bills, sponsored by delgates and senators who appreciate the importance of food freedom, and the excessive regulations that govern direct food sales.

This small step by small step approach is how we have made gains over the last 20 years but it is slow progress, so in 2014 we decided to try to make a Constitutional Amendment happen, which would recognise the right of a person to acquire the foods of their choice from a farmer who wanted to supply them.

You can read ‘A Constitutional Amendment” to find out about the background and reasoning behind this VICFA project . In the end we had Sen. Tom Garrett carry the amendment but unfortunately it was withdrawn in committee.

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