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We hold quartly meetings across the Commonwealth of Virginia
at the homes of various members.

Everyone is invited to bring a dish to share.  We enjoy the feast of homemade foods. This is NOT a "meet, eat, and retreat" organization. Instead, VICFA's primary function is to lobby - and thus, we are not shy about doing so. Laws need to be changed in order to protect farmers. People need to be educated as to how their rights have been curtailed. Our meetings serve as an opportunity to explore these conditions and work to devise solutions.

VICFA meetings are normally held on the second Sunday of the month.

VICFA meetings are open to the public. Please bring a dish and your enthusiasm to share.

Upcoming Lobby Event

Join us in Richmond and help us prmote food and farm freedom!

Join us in Richmond!

MONDAY 23 JAN Meet 1pm at the 4th Floor West Conference Room. No experience needed, and a great experience for your children!

General Assembly Building 910 Bank St,
  Richmond Virgina


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