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Joining VICFA:  Our benefits or yours? Well, for starters we BOTH win with the added strength that we get
when new active members join. You get a better effort going towards an equitable treatment
of consumers and farmers, and we get the added clout of one more important member!

  • As a member of VICFA you will be an important part of orchestrating changes in current laws and regulations that are detrimental to family farms and consumer choices, and your voice will be heard as a part of the larger group. VICFA will keep you informed as to "what's coming down the pike" and provide information and support through its member network.
  • You will get a place on our public roster, if you choose, where you can indicate your business, or your consumer needs.
  • You will receive VICFA's newsletter, VICFA VOICE, with timely information, informative articles and a summary of each previous month's meeting.
  •  In addition, VICFA has an email group that is ready and waiting for your networking and chatting with other producers and consumers. We are ready with an active e-mail alerting service for immediate information and updates that you will appreciate. We will have the strength of numbers that is often hard to find among most fiercely independent producers. As consumers, we will have a voice concerning our desires for our food choices.

TOGETHER we CAN make a difference!

To pay your membership by check or money order, print and complete the membership form

and mail with your payment of $25 to:

P.O. Box 6838
Charlottesville, VA 22906-6838

Your membership in VICFA will begin when payment is received.

Standard Membership Dues are $25 per year.

If you wish you can pay by PayPal, a safe secure funds transfer system. You may join now using a checking account or major credit card via PayPal. Your membership in VICFA will be activated when payment is received.


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