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VICFA was started by a handful of individuals in central Virginia who are deeply concerned about the over-regulation
of small farm sales direct to consumers. Consumers were, in fact, being denied their right to have fresh, wholesome foods from
farmers whom they knew and trusted. Incorporated in April of 2001 as a non-profit corporation, VICFA's mission statement
was and remains: "To promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer-to-consumer trade that fosters availability of locally-grown
or home-produced food products." Our first President was Matt Cauley of Staunton, Virginia. 

Our current President is Lois Smith of Partlow, Virginia.
Past Presidents include Wayne Bolton of Farmville, Virginia, Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, Richard Bean of Double H Farm, 
and Willard Lutz of Conicville Ostrich Farm.

Our Mission
is to promote and preserve unregulated direct farmer to consumer trade that fosters availability of locally grown
or home-produced food products.

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Highlighted VICFA Accomplishments - Updated 3.18.14

- VICFA was asked to be a part of the On-farm activity work group that resulting in legislation SB 51 and HB268 that helps protect Virginia from counties requiring farmers to have a permit for usual and customary activities such as lawful direct farm to consumer sells and agri-tourism

2013 -
VICFA worked with Delegate Orrock to amend his home-processing bill to specific language. We were concerned because Delegate Orrock had failed to vote on the bill in the past. This bill included pickles and fermented vegetables, pasta, dried herbs, flavored vinegars etc. This bill passed unanimously both houses and was signed into law 3/13/13 and went into effect July 1, 2013.

2012 -
VICFA help get direct sales of pickles, pasta, granola, teas, flavored vinegars etc... legal to sell without the government in our kitchen, VICFA lobbied for pickles for 4 years before passage.

2012 -
VICFA continues to lobby for the "Pickle Bill" introduced by Delegate Habeeb. The bill died in Sub-committee without a motion. Subcommittee members Orrock, Marshall, Poindexter, Knight, Moorefield, James, Sickle, seemed not to like the bill.

2011 -
VICFA Holds a special sit down dinner at Hilton McLean Tysons Corner prepared by Chef Thomas Elder using locally farmed ingredients, with guest speakers Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms and John Whitehead of The Rutherford Institute, educating people about the importance of food freedom.

2011 -
VICFA hires a professional graphic artist to do newsletter and website.

2011 -
VICFA lobbies to pass "Pickle Bill" in Senate. We withdraw because of amendments that will take away more rights. Senator McDougle sponsors bill. Sen. Hanger tries to amend the bill to have more regulations. Good thing we made Senator McDougle put in writing that we have the right to pull bill because he did not want to pull it after amendments were put on.

2010 -
VICFA members challenged the state over scrapie regulations.

2010 -
VICFA has Delegate Tuscano sponsor "Pickle Bill". Bill dies without a motion in sub- committee floor.

2008 -
VICFA opposes the scrapie regulations which make all sheep and goat owners subject to regulations of animal identification. Violators will be charged with a class 1 misdemeanor. VICFA supported Kathryn Russell and her court challenge of these regulations which was taken all the way the United Stated Supreme Court to no avail.

2008 -
VICFA passes the Kitchen Bill that allows the sale of baked goods, jams and jellies, candies without government inspections directly to the consumer.

2008 -
VICFA monetarily supports the radio program "Farmers' Market Reporter" hosted by VICFA's president Wayne Bolton.

2006 -
Bad husbandry practices from big Ag made Avian Flu become a real threat to their industry. Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (VDACS) tried to pass a bill that would make outdoor poultry a crime. VICFA was able to get the bill amended that protected for now the growing numbers of pasture-based poultry producers.

2006 to present -
VICFA continues to oppose the National Animal Identification System (NAIS). Our efforts help block a provision in the farm bill that would have allowed the government to make (NAIS) mandatory.

2005 -
Our first annual Farm Food Voices is held in Albemarle County. This is a success with great speaker and a farm fresh food banquet. Great crowds and education!

2005 -
When Governor Mark Warner signed regulation that would make it a crime for citizens to make products from their dairy animals, VICFA's efforts help get a law that stated dairy owners could make products for their own consumption.


Other Accomplishments over the years:

VICFA works to keep a close eye on the Virginia General Assembly, and has been successful in amending legislation which could have hurt small producers.  We also watch the regulating agencies, and take a stand against regulations that are too stringent, such as the Virginia Scrapie Regulations for goats and sheep.  




VICFA was one of the first groups to speak out against NAIS, the National Animal Notification System, as it would have severely hurt small farmers.  To aid in the fight against NAIS, VICFA was instrumental in establishing the National Independent Consumers and Farmers Association (NICFA).  Additionally, VICFA staged several lobbying events on the federal level.  NICFA has since become autonomous.


We are pleased that the USDA has technically abandoned this program, due to the extent of opposition.

Media Opportunities

VICFA has a presence throughout the state, when it comes to the opportunity of spreading our message.
From FOX News to "Meet The Farmer TV", VICFA members have been on the air whenever possible.

Past VICFA President, Wayne Bolton previously hosted a weekly radio program, the Farmers Market Report. 

VICFA Aims to Make a Difference

   VICFA is very concerned about the control that large food corporations have over legislators.  
Recall after recall has become a standard.  Local, direct-to-consumer offers safer alternatives to food choices, 
yet the food conglomerates continually seek to pose taxing regulations on local foods.


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